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Quality Policy

Ercules Comunicazioni’s Quality Policy is based on the ability to meet the Customers’ needs and fulfill the company mission to increase health literacy among patients and the general public and security literacy among workers. The execution of this Policy is planned, obtained and verified though the implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015. Ercules Comunicazioni’s goals are:

  • To provide communication services, by means of texts and graphics with a high visual impact that catch the end user’s attention and aid his/her understanding while satisfying the customers’ requests, needs and expectations
  • To stand out in the relations between the parties involved (internal and external) and in the communication practices, translating expectations into measurable, shared and monitored goals
  • To always deliver on time
  • To plan corporate strategies based on risk analysis and opportunities
  • To guarantee the safety of its employees
  • To comply with mandatory requirements

To reach its goals, Ercules Comunicazioni takes on the following general commitments:

  • To analyze the internal and external context taking into consideration the expectations and needs of the parties involved
  • To check the quality goals during the Management Review, evaluating the processes and their effectiveness, and undertaking improvement actions when required
  • To measure the non-quality costs and to activate appropriate corrective actions
  • To plan meetings with the staff to inform them about the Quality Management System and actively involve them in order to encourage product and service improvement
  • To hire staff with skills adequate to guarantee the quality of services provided
  • To select vendors rigorously
  • To comply with safety rules, focusing on the safety of the staff and the workplace premises

Chieri, December 19th, 2019

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