For patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials we develop creative and innovative campaigns including:

Patient awareness raising, educational and motivational campaigns tied to health promotion and disease prevention
Customised landing pages to reach out to the right patients
Tailored study branding solutions (study name, unique logo, templates, etc.)

and patient engagement solutions

Innovative and creative retention strategies
Multilanguage, patient-friendly study-related materials: brochures, posters, leaflets, cards and for peadiatric patients: coloring books, story books etc.
Customised study-specific websites for both patients and health care providers in native languages
Study appointment reminder systems

We address common problems in patient communication

Even people with good literacy skills find understanding health care information is a challenge

Cornett S. 2009 OJIN

Clinicians routinely overestimate patients' capability of understanding medical information

Bass PF 2002 Academic Medicine

One should not assume a person has understood just because they don't ask questions...

Cornett S. 2009 OJIN